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Waiting for your shipment when it gets delayed can be disappointing and results in an extension of the delivery date. Although the logistics firms manage the entire procedure efficiently, there can still be a few loopholes resulting in hampering the freightage. As we all know, shipping cargo requires a series of processes from packing, alignment, loading, unloading, and more. This takes a lot of time but other than this there are several other factors that can delay the transportation of the cargo. Keep reading the blog till the end to learn about the main reasons for cargo delay 

Main Reasons for the Cargo Delay

Here is a list of the circumstances that affect the delivery of goods and cause a delay.    

  1. Traffic Jams and Roadblocks 

Bottlenecks or jams on the roads are the most common reasons that hinder the on-time delivery of goods. Congestion is common in most cities which can be due to construction works, malfunctioning traffic signals, detours, accidents, events on the roads, and more. To avoid such cargo ship delays, the logistics firms should use satellite navigation or maps and find the best routes to aid. 

  1. Custom Clearance Issues 

For smooth logistics, a customs clearance procedure is mandatory. It is a process of taking goods through the customs authority to facilitate the import and export of cargo. According to the trade policies, proper documentation is required for a hassle-free shipment of cargo. But sometimes, due to the lack of documents, or incorrect representation of the papers, there are disruptions in the clearance of the customs. Customs clearance in Qatar is a must for smooth on-time delivery and overall productivity. For such cases, merchants should keep a backup of documents.  

  1. Inadequate Technology 

Outdated technology, including software and hardware, may result in delays in the shipment process. The main reason behind this is the constraint of upgrading new technology according to the new market needs. To avoid cargo shipping problems, the latest technology like cloud-based software should be used which helps in tracking cargo via real-time data.  

  1. Lack of Equipment 

In the process of logistics, sufficient equipment is a must for on-time delivery of cargo. Shipping cargo delays happen when there is shortage of shipping containers or transferring it from warehouses and more. To avoid such conditions, the firms must keep proper management of equipment to transfer the cargo on time. 

  1. Peak Seasons 

One of the major reasons for delays in shipments is due to the peak seasons when the demand is high. It includes the festive seasons, sale offers, and more which create a hassle for the warehouses and delivery partners to meet the needs of the customers on time. To avoid delays, the logistics firms must take into account special arrangements and more man-power and technology should be used.  

  1. Weather Conditions 

One unavoidable factor that is responsible for the delay in shipments is harsh weather conditions. Sea storms, winds, typhoons, tides affect waterways, on the other hand rain, floods affect delivery via airways and roadways. The door-to-door delivery is also delayed due to harsh weather. To avoid these, special containers are used to keep the cargo safe, insurance cover should be done, and alternative routes should be there as backup for delivery of cargo.  

  1. Strikes  

Strikes significantly affect the logistics sector and that results in delays with shipments. Protests and strikes also lead to loss of man-power and thus affects the overall productivity. To avoid these, fair policies should be practiced by the firms and employee satisfaction should be maintained.  

  1. Lack of Clarity  

Lack of clarity in paperwork, wrong delivery address or faulty contact number, poor penmanship, and spelling errors can often lead to delays in shipments. For this, a proper record of the logistics and customer details should be recorded.  

  1. Customer Habits 

Sometimes, the inattentiveness of the customer leads to disruptions in delivery of the parcels or goods. The consumers should be attentive and should keep track of the expected delivery date and be available on the time of contact by the delivery partner.   

  1. Loss or Damage of Cargo 

Due to the weather conditions, improper loading or carelessness during unloading, results in damage to cargo. The defective products are sent back and it causes delays in delivery of the right product. To avoid this, extra care and special techniques should be used for on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. 

There are many factors that hinder the delivery of goods on time. Right from the weather conditions, custom clearance problems to inadequate technology and more. But surely, one can opt for the best-in-class services of Travelite to avoid all such circumstances and a hassle-free process. Our highly proficient team ensures the best services to the clients and is all focused-on consumer satisfaction.

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