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Commodities like documents, personal effects are shipped through UPS and General cargo, Human remains, Live animals and Dangerous goods, Courier cargo, Sports cars/Motorbikes shipments are shipped through Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Air Vistara & other Airlines. Since our launch, we have dedicated ourselves to offering fast, effective, and on-time performance services. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
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We deal with local transportation and shipments of products to various places safely. Small boxes to 40 containers are shipped in various vehicles to suit everyone’s needs.

Car Shipping
Pet Transport Services in Qatar

Personal effects/ documents/parcel

Small vehicles e.g., Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini etc.

Human Remains

Live Animals

Dangerous goods and perishable cargo

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“Full range of services” has been redefined by the TraveLite Courier and Cargo professionals.

Live Animals, Dangerous goods, human remains, perishable cargo & Courier Cargo are dealt with by a professional staff.

Documents, packages, parcel and shipments are picked up and delivered to and from the customer’s house.