Car Shipping companies in Qatar

Vehicles, especially cars, are more than just vehicles. People are quite possessive about their four-wheelers and desire to take them along when they are planning to move. Well with higher technology and advancements moving a vehicle is not a rocket science these days. Driving your vehicle along, while you are shifting across the nation, is always hectic as compared to getting it shipped. But with a good a car shipping company in Qatar, all you need is, take care of few things that are the prerequisites before handling over your car.  

Secure the loose parts

Protect the loose parts that are present on the vehicle or are bulging out.  Place the antenna and cables secured into the boot. Make sure that all the custom parts are well protected to avoid the damage. Your car would be picked up by the automotive logistics in Qatar, to the final drop location, don’t let any loose part dangling from the vehicle, as it will increase the vulnerability damage. 

Check internal accessories

Secure the Internal accessories, especially GPS and DVD players that are more prone to theft. Generally, car insurance companies do not forget to check or take responsibility for the accessories that are inside the locked car. It’s better that you check everything before you hand over your car to the movers and packers in Qatar. There are many car shipping companies in Qatar that hold expertise in rendering top notch services when it comes to shipping vehicles.  

Check dents and scratches

Before handling your car to the freight forwarders in Qatar, make sure that your car is properly washed. Don’t forget to check the dents, scratches, and surface damages while you are scrutinizing the conditions, click a picture to keep it as proof. So that you have a complete knowledge about the condition of the vehicle and about the damage that it has suffered during shipment.  

Maintenance is much needed

Vehicle shipment company in Qatar will transfer your car. Just as you handed it to a new place you might not get a mechanic as early as you find at your place. Talk to the mechanic in advance and make sure that vehicle is checked thoroughly and is maintained well by fixing the issues on time. Replace the battery if needed, and it should be charged. If the car reaches the shipping companies in Qatar in excellent shape, so sure time and cost effectiveness. . 

Clear the fuel tank

It is the owner’s responsibility that there is no extra weight in the car, so make sure that you empty the tank before the car shipment company in Qatar, reached you place to come to do the needful. For safety reasons as well, there should not be any inflammable in your car. Record all the numbers that are on your odometer. 

Documents Required for Vehicle shipment in Qatar

The car shipping companies in Qatar, have a protocol that they need to maintain when they are providing freight services in Qatar. Here is a list of documents that are required for car shipment. 

  • Registration from country of origin 
  • Vehicle purchase invoice 
  • Title 
  • Passport 
  • Proof of ownership 
  • Residence permit 
  • Import manifest 
  • Valid insurance 
  • Bill of lading 

Here are a few most important points that you need to take care of while getting your car or other vehicle shipped. For those looking for the best air or ocean freight in Qatar must check out Travelite, since the company is exponentially growing strong with its impeccable services. Make sure that your vehicle is safe and secure, and that you are giving its responsibility to a company that is worthy of your trust. Do some ground level research and take some time before finalizing.

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