Packing and Relocation

Are you moving to a new place? If yes, then you must be thinking that it’s a difficult process with several daunting experiences like packing and relocation. Also, because of our busy schedule and lack of time, it is very important to contact a good expert team that can help us with this. They will make our life easy by providing all the services that we need to relocate. Hence, for a hassle-free experience, avail yourself of the best services provided by the professionals. 

Process of Packing and Relocation

There are several steps in the process of packing and relocation. Below we have listed the step-by-step process: 

  • Survey of goods 
  • Estimating the final price
  • Packing the goods 
  • Loading the goods with care 
  • Delivery of goods to the desired location 
  • Unpacking in the new place 

Types of Relocation

There are generally two main types of relocation. Let us discuss them in brief: 

1. Office or Corporate Relocation

Office relocation means if a whole company is moving to some other place. This is really a big task to relocate the whole company, especially if it is a large one. The commonly used items in the office are computers, tables, printers, and other expensive commodities. The packaging and moving of all these things need to be expertly done to ensure there is no damage.   

2. Residential Relocation

Residential relocation means moving your home to some other place. It’s a tiresome process to assort all the personal belongings. From clothes, Furniture to electronics and other items all need to be packed and transported. Travelite makes your life easy by providing all these services which also includes easy shipping in Qatar.

Various Kinds of Packing and Relocation Services

There are three types of services that are provided by an expert team and are differentiated on the basis of geographic location. Below we have curated the list of all those services: 

1. Local Relocation

If you are going to relocate within your city then that is a local relocation. This is generally done by truck services to carry goods. The packaging and moving are done with extra care so that there is no damage to the goods. 

2. Domestic Relocation

When you are moving from one state to another within the country, that is a domestic relocation. The goods are transferred through air or road in this relocation.  

3. International Relocation

Moving to another country is known as international relocation. These relocations are generally done via air or sea.  

Important Documentation while Packing and Relocation in Qatar

There are several documents that are required during the process of packing and relocation. Let’s discuss them in brief: 

  • Clear copy of Packing list 
  • Original Passport or Original Qatar ID 
  • Clear copy of passport photo page and signature 
  • Clear copy of Qatar ID front and back 
  • Copy of company ID/Computer Card to verify stamped and signature on Company NOC
  • Express BL 
  • Lump sum value declaration printed on letterhead paper from Origin agent and signed by the transferee. 

Why Choose Travelite for Packing and Relocation?

The certified team of Travelite provides a safe packing and moving service. With years of experience in packing and relocation, Travelite provides the following services: 

  • Professionals pack all the goods with care
  • Transporting it to the terminals  
  • Covers all the customs regulations at both port of entry and exit 
  • Take care of all the paperwork and legalities 
  • Truck Loading and unloading in case of relocation through road 
  • Unpacking of the goods 

So, if you are relocating to a new place, it is necessary that you have the best services including door-to-door service and handling all your goods with full safety. To help you with this, Travelite is here to provide you with the best services for a hassle-free experience. Our expert team helps you with packing and relocation and also with managing all the documentation to save your time and avail you of the best services.

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