Sports Car Shipping

Shipping a sports car in Qatar or anywhere in the world is not an easy task. There are several aspects of shipping that need to be carefully supervised and performed in order to deliver the car properly. Making a list of the necessary items will allow you to simplify the process of figuring out how much it will cost to transport your car overseas and what are the necessary measures that must be taken in order to ship the car on time and without making any damages. 

Methods to Ship the Sports Car in Qatar

  1. Roll-on Roll-off Service

The simplest and least expensive way to send a sports car in Qatar is via automotive shipping. Due to its effectiveness, RORO shipping is the preferred option for automakers, as well as for exporters and importers of heavy machinery and automobiles. If you opt for RORO shipping it means that the car will simply be driven directly into a proper RORO vessel. 

This method is practical and requires less lifting, resulting in a secure shipping procedure. It means shipping a sports car by Simply continue driving at the starting point and get off at the destination. There aren’t any high haulage and container fees, and port and customs procedures often don’t take too long or are overly complicated. 

  1. Lift On Lift Off Transport

It is an open-air service where the sports car needs to be lifted on a vessel without driving, it even for a bit. Due to the fact that the sports car do not need to be driven aboard the transporting vessel, LO-LO transport is a cost-effective solution. It also has the benefit of being accessible from and to any port in the world. 

Cranes that help lift the vehicle or equipment (for on-loading and off-loading reasons) are included on LOLO vessels. Compared to RORO and container ships, LOLO vessels can carry more containers. This makes it possible to convey more cargo. 

  1. Container Shipping

The most popular alternative to RORO for moving an automobile to or from Qatar is container shipping. Since your cargo is contained throughout the whole transportation procedure, moving your car overseas via container is still the safest option. Container shipping is the best choice if you’re transporting a sports car. Needless to say that the price is little more than RORO shipping rates. 

Important Points to Remember While Shipping a Sports Car in Qatar

  • The size and weight of the car – Although one cannot generalise, it is normally less expensive to ship a smaller car than a bigger one. The cost of a car decreases with its size, especially if packing supplies are required to keep the car secure during transport. 
  • Condition of the car – When the car is in the working state, you can cut costs by avoiding the need for a truck to transport it to the ship and back to shore. Add the cost of any necessary repairs and maintenance if the car needs to be in drivable condition for transportation. 
  • Type of shipping – You have a choice of shipping the sports car from port to port or from door-to-door delivery in Qatar. Select the latter one if you can drive the car to the port yourself and if you have transportation arranged to take you there. You will just need to pay for gas to transport your automobile to the shipping terminal and back from the port to wherever you want to take it, if it is in good working order. 
  • Insurance – When it comes to shipping in Qatar, there are two different types of insurance, and the more expensive one is the All-Risk one, where you must insure for the car’s actual value and have the option of filing a claim for losses sustained in transit. The other type is total loss only, which does not allow for damage claims but does provide coverage for your vehicle in the event that it is lost at sea. 

So, are you thinking about the safest ways of shipping a sports car in Qatar? It is true that a sports car is one of the luxury items which costs a fortune and shipping it is not an easy task. There are plenty of things from size, weight, container, insurance etc., that need to be considered seriously keeping in mind the cost of the complete procedure. In order to ship your sports car without any stress and worry, you must take advantage of the benefits of Travelite that provides high quality service and safe delivery of your sports car.

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