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Are you shifting to a new place? Or planning an international vacation and don’t want to leave your pet alone? Well, pets are an important part of our family and should be carried along on a family trip for utmost fun. Every pet is different and has certain needs that should be taken care of while relocating your furry friends to a new place. One has to follow various steps and manage a lot of documents to transport your pet. It’s better to avail yourself of the best-in-class pet delivery services for a hassle-free experience.  

Modes to Transport Your Pets Globally

If you are thinking of carrying your pet in the cabin of an airplane, then that’s not possible. That’s because of the size and weight of the animals and the safety of the passengers, there are restrictions on carrying them along. However, there are three ways by which any travel agency can make your furry friend fly internationally. 

  1. By Air

When it comes to international pet shipping, the best way to transport your pets is via airways. The pet guardians should opt for this way for fast delivery without any hassle. The airlines allow the safest travel of live domestic animals in three ways including: 

  • Fly in Cabin 
  • Fly as Accompanied Baggage 
  • Fly as Manifested Cargo 
  1. By Ships 

The live animals can also be transported via ships as cargo with care. The pet shipping should be done by an experienced team. Special comfortable containers are designed to carry your pets from one place to another.  

  1. By Land 

If you have to relocate your pets locally, then traveling by road is the best way. Specially designed comfortable cages are used to transport pets from one place to another in trucks, vans, or similar as per the size and weight of your pet. It is done similar to the door-to-door cargo in Qatar.  

Rules to Transport Your Furry Friends Internationally

There are certain rules that are required to be followed to relocate your pet anywhere in the world.  

  • Most airlines follow the standard rule that your pet should weigh up to 8 Kgs with the cage. 
  • Pets are flown on hold which means they travel with the baggage in the cargo hold beneath. It is completely safe and the airlines ensure the temperature, pressure, and oxygen of animals before traveling. 
  • The vaccination of pets should be up to date and they should be medically fit to travel. 
  • The guardians should avoid transporting their pets during extreme heat or cold and the temperatures should be favorable. 
  • A good crate for the comfortable travel of your pet is a must. 

Basic Requirements for Pet Delivery

The basic requirements for the pet relocation services include:  

  • Import/export permits 
  • Pet passport 
  • Pets should have microchips for identification 
  • Rabies test is mandatory 
  • All necessary paperwork 
  • Up-to-date vaccinations and other medical requirements 
  • An international certificate of good health by a vet  
  • Obtaining an IATA-approved kennel 
  • Destination advice 
  • Arranging for a safe departure and arrival 
  • Pet boarding 
  • Door-to-door pet pickup and delivery 

Please note: The vaccinations against rabies must be older than 30 days but less than a year prior to departure. It is mandatory for custom clearance in Qatar.  

Why Choose Travelite to Deliver Your Pets?

The certified team of Travelite knows that pets are not cargo. But they are your family, so it is ensured by the team that your furry friends are handled with utmost love and care. With years of experience in pet shipping, Travelite provides the following services: 

  • Dedicated professionals to arrange all your documents,  
  • Manage all paperwork, 
  • Consultation on animal import and export regulations, 
  • On-time check-in at the airport,  
  • Arrangements of comfortable travel crates, 
  • Complete care of your pets while traveling, 
  • Collection from airport to delivering to a new place. 

If you are traveling or relocating to a new place, then leaving your pets alone is not a good idea. They are a part of your family and should be taken along. The whole process of pet transportation is complex and time-taking, but no worries. Smile now, because Travelite is here to deliver your furry friend to your doorstep. Avail yourself of the best-in-class pet transport services for a hassle-free experience. Our team of experts will help you to deliver your pet with utmost care and will guide you with complete documentation.

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