Freight Dispatch

Dispatching freight or goods is an important factor to achieve effective logistics. The top priority is to keep the cargo safe and deliver it on time. For this, we need to consider the best means to deliver freight according to product specifications and requirements. Are you confused about the best modes of freight dispatch to transport the products via a cost-effective and on-time delivery? Let’s discuss the best modes of freight dispatch to maintain its quality with a suitable process. 

Types of Shipping Modes

Mainly there are 3 modes of shipping to deliver the cargo on time. An entrepreneur can choose the best way as per the available budget, product specifications, and time. The entire logistics involves a few steps and needs proper management and selection of goods according to the budget of the delivery partner, seller, and customer. The three efficient modes of freight dispatch are: 

  1. By Air 
  1. By Land  
  1. By Sea 

Let us discuss these three modes of shipping in detail. 

  1. Freight Dispatch Via Air

The fastest way to deliver cargo is via airways where aircraft are used to transport dispatch. The goods reach the warehouse and finally to the doorstep of customers in a short period of time and with utmost safety. The main advantage of using the airways is that it is accessible to all places, nationally, internationally and even to those locations with no land connectivity like high mountains. One can transport any type of product in the aircraft, especially the perishable ones that need to be delivered soon, within a span of 1 to 2 days via express delivery options.  

Advantages: Fast delivery, best for perishable goods like food items, and accessible to all locations 

Preferable for: Perishable goods like food items, delicate goods, and for express delivery nationally or internationally 

  1. Freight Dispatch Via Land 

If you want to transfer your goods nationally and to nearby borders and time is not a bar, then, shipping via land can be considered. It is a traditional way to deliver cargo from one place to another by using road connectivity and providing door-to-door cargo services in Qatar. Trucks and trains are used to transport goods by land. This method is time-consuming as compared to the airways and it’s cheaper at the same time but it’s not weather resistant. Trains are better options for delivery in various states nationally and trucks are best for inter-city or local or short-distance transport dispatch.  

Advantages: Cost-effective, suitable for bulky goods and door-to-door services 

Preferable for: Short-distance delivery like inter-city or inter-state, low-budget sellers, and doorstep delivery 

  1. Freight Dispatch Via Sea 

If you want to transfer goods in larger quantities and that too with utmost safety, choose the sea transportation services. The ship containers are designed specifically to deliver the goods without any hassle. While the size and weight are an issue with the airways, it’s not the case with the seaways. We can transport various things from refrigerated food products to heavy spare parts by ship. Seaways is an excellent mode of dispatch as there is no issue with the weight but they are time-consuming and not as fast as the airlines. But at the same time, they are cost-effective as compared to the airways and can be affected via bad weather conditions.  

Advantages: Cost-effective, specially designed containers according to the requirements of the products 

Preferable for: Heavy cargo, spare parts, refrigerated food items via special containers, and suitable for bulk delivery of goods 

Important Factors that Need to be Considered While Selecting a Shipping Way

One must consider several factors in order to select the best delivery way for a hassle-free experience. This increases overall productivity and reduces the logistics cost and helps to track the delivery time for the customers. 

  1. Type Of Goods 
  1. Freight Cost 
  1. Delivery Time 
  1. Safety of Products 

There are mainly three modes of freight dispatch to transport your goods from one place to another. Avail yourself of the best-in-class services of Travelite to send cargo globally on time with utmost care. Being a team of experts, we will ensure a comfortable dispatch according to the product type, size, shape, and that too on a budget. Get your business to new heights with the best delivery options to increase overall productivity. Our highly proficient team ensures the best services to the clients and is all focused-on consumer satisfaction.

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