Sea Freight Packaging Standards

Every often-shipping container does seem like a challenge that needs logistical expertise. What kind of goods are you sending, loading and unloading is important to consider and how it’ll be sent. Speaking of sending goods to some other part of the world, we seem to have forgotten about the Sea freight packaging standards.

Transport packaging solutions are not something that should be taken lightly when it comes to shipping products for distribution. The goods are protected with proper packaging for sea freight while in transit and since shipments are subject to more than one mode of transportation, the packaging has to be sturdy to withstand local and export conditions.

Out of the various modes of shipment, Sea freight takes the cake. On the other hand, when it comes to packaging, what do the Sea freight packaging standards include?  

  • Selecting the Right Container Size

One of the first things that have to take into consideration is selecting the right container size. In case, which is quite rare, the unit is not big enough for your goods, then you will have to perform two shipping runs. Nonetheless, you wouldn’t want a container that is half empty after packing. To avoid paying for unused surface area, you will have to use every inch of the container space. There are two common sizes of containers which include 20 ft and 40 ft.  

  • Container Certification

The shipping containers can’t travel on a cargo ship without a container certification. The certified inspectors will decide whether the box is safe to be shipped by sea cargo in Qatar. When it comes to shipping containers, there are two options for inspection which are Periodic examination and an approved continuous examination scheme and the requirements have to be met. The inspection is strict and certification is a necessity when it comes to shipping containers.  

  • Correct Shipping Container Packing

It is important to store merchandise properly when preparing transportation for the containers. Proper padding and packaging for ocean freight shipment are needed to avoid any damage. A specific kind of container is needed before packing the goods, like for instance if food or medicines have to be transported, then the ideal option will be a box that allows temperature control.  

Importance of Proper Packaging for Sea Freight Shipment

Several foods and personal effects are sent every day across the globe. You ensure your shipment arrives in perfect condition whether you are a first-time shipper or looking to move to a new country. Proper packaging for sea freight shipment is required to avoid damage. Every often, without looking at the broader picture, people will look for ways to save money. It is essential to consider the kind of cargo you are shipping and its transit.  

So, when it comes to packaging, the cargo has to be labelled and padded as the workers at the dock or carrier or freight forwarders in Qatar will not know what kind of commodity they are handling when loading or unloading.  You should ensure you write things like ‘this way up’, ‘handle with care’, ‘fragile’, ‘do not double stack’, in case the cargo has to be handled differently.  

Companies that have large packages to be shipped at once, Sea freight is often used. It is best for bulk shipment even though it is the longest mode of transportation. So, when it comes to the shipment of goods, people should take the sea freight packaging standards into consideration.

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