Customs Clearance Qatar

People have to remember a simple rule when it comes to import and export of cargo: strict rules are applied and all factors related to any shipped products are covered. There rules or as you can say, the process has to be adhered to when wanting to practice freight forwarding in accordance by the local and national customs official. It may seem like a devious process, but it’s the only way cargo will be allowed out of the country.  

The needs of the market are constantly changing with time when it comes to manufacturing and delivering of customized services. To avoid any delay and to ensure smooth services, customs clearance is important. Speaking of its importance, customs clearance in Qatar is strict and the rules have to be followed. 

What Customs Clearance Is? An Intro

In simple words, customs clearance is importing and exporting materials or goods, to and from the country. Calling it an international trade won’t be wrong as it affects the development of commercial and private sectors in a positive manner. But as every coin has two sides, keeping a check on the legal process is necessary to avoid any hinder. Thus, there are pacts or legal rules set for the process of Customs Clearance.  

Mentioning all the important aspects, it is a compulsion for all to submit the major import and export documents. Going deeper into the legal steps and needed procedures, let us discuss the process of necessary details for Custom Clearance.

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Guidelines For Customs Clearance In Qatar

Every process takes time and does have certain guidelines that have to be followed. Hence, when it comes to shipment of products, there are certain guidelines implemented by the government of Qatar with respect to cosmetic products, electronics, cologne automotive spare parts and toys. Restricted cargo will not be imported without proper verification including certificates and inspection records. Every cargo has to have an import permit, which is sent to the locals in Qatar. When it comes to importing of goods, people should have all their customs clearance documents which include:

  • Bill of lading 
  • Import permit 
  • Pro forma invoice 
  • Certificate of origin 

Process For Customs Clearance

The process for customs clearance includes:  

  • Bill of Entry  
  • Assessment  
  • Modification to the bill of entry 
  • Green Channel Facility 
  • Payment of the Duty  
  • Prior Entry for Shipping Bill 
  • Specialized Bonds 
  • Bill of entry for warehousing 
  • Delivery of Goods

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Time Taken for Goods to Clear Customs

Once the customs clearance process is over, how long will it take to clear? The answer to the question is- it can take up to a couple of minutes to several days depending on the conditions. How you want to know? It can take a couple of minutes after the custom broker has made your entry for customs. After the entry has been received, the administrator has to examine the entry and it’s up to him to allow or reject the shipment.  

Like discussed earlier, this step can take a couple of minutes to days depending on the number of custom staff ready at the port of crossing. There is a possibility of the shipment being taken for inspection before its release. It will be placed in a bonded warehouse and the custom office will examined once the shipment is inspected. 

The customs clearance process is a task that is needed and has to be done by importer and exporter. Both parties have to ensure the needed documents are intact and are checked in detail before sending it further.  It can take a couple of hours or even days depending on how long the process takes. The process may seem a little tedious but it is important and has to be done.

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